boycotting or calling for boycott of Israeli businesses, products, cultural or academics, may be sued for damages in court. As published in an article of our litigation partner, Adv. Benjamin Leventhal on Ynet news


Litigation partner Benjamin Leventhal in an insightful article Re intenational arbitration published worldwide via legalmondo.



Our firm launched its innovative initiatives for resolving disputes on an accelerated timetable.

“On the spot arbitration” and “on the spot family mediation”  were developed in order to provide a much needed potential solution for resolving legal disputes as quickly as possible.

“On the spot arbitration” – Years of managing legal disputes in courts and in arbitration led us to the conclusion that there is a real need for a responsible and efficient legal platform that can actually conclude legal disputes on an accelerated timetable!

Thus, our firm has established the concept of on the spot arbitration, in which the parties and their lawyers may initiate and conclude their legal dispute in a fast track procedure within 30 days, which is also focused and efficient – after which they obtain a binding legal arbitral award.

“On the spot family law mediation” – An innovative initiative of on the spot mediation, in which the parties may exhaust any possibility for resolution of their legal dispute through a fast track mediation process within 30 days.

The fast track mediation was initiated in order to provide an actual real time cost effective alternative to long lasting and not necessarily positive dramatic procedures in family law courts, and in order to provide the parties with a precise timetable, that in many cases, in the absence of such a precise timetable and mediation framework, may otherwise terminate any chance of settlement or agreement


Our firm has expanded! Advocate Benjamin Leventhal joined our firm and established the civil, commercial and administrative litigation department.

Adv. Benjamin Leventhal, who is well known in the field of litigation and dispute management, joined our firm as partner and established the civil, commercial and administrative litigation department.

Adv. Leventhal has dealt for many years with complex cases followed by the media and has represented considerable entities in all courts, including the Supreme Court and in international arbitration.

By joining the firm,  Adv. Leventhal completes the development of the firm that now provides clients with a broad range of services for client matters.

Upon his joining the firm, the firm has established the “on the spot arbitration” initiative, to provide expeditious conclusions to civil and commercial disputes.