Litigation & Arbitration

We provide energetic representation with persistence and determination in all Israeli  courts and tribunals; international and domestic arbitration in Israel;  and legal crisis management. All legal procedures are handled with personal attention by the senior lawyers of our firm, with precise and strategic management of each case – aiming for maximum results.

Real estate & commercial transactions

We believe in relating to every real estate or commercial transaction as a unique event, managed correctly and comprehensively, from beginning to end. Our firm represents its clients with fidelity and integrity in each transaction to ensure a constant safeguard of clients’ interests.

Family law; Trust & estates

The firm implements and manages legal procedures and disputes in family and estate law, always in conjunction with the client in a transparent manner, while establishing trustworthy strategy coherent with the client’s interests, combining our unique vision of resolving disputes efficiently, within the short and long term interests of the client, whether in litigation or negotiations.

“On the spot – family mediation”

Given the specific needs in family and estate law, our firm has initiated a unique concept of imminent mediation to be executed and exhausted within 30 days – enabling family law disputes to be resolved in a focused, immediate and intensive manner.

“On the spot arbitration”

Our firm has initiated an innovative and unique concept for resolving legal disputes by on the spot arbitration, with an arbitrator from our firm, who has great arbitration and litigation experience, providing an immediate arbitration concluded within 30 days.