Real estate & commercial transactions

Our firm represents its clients in commercial matters as well as real estate matters, with meticulous fidelity and integrity, and safeguarding the specific legal and economic interest of each client – realizing that each client deserves tailored attendance to each matter.

  • Representation and services in  real estate matters. 
  • Representation of contractors or purchasers of real estate from contractors.
  • Representation of purchasers in group transactions of real estate.
  • Transfer of assets among related parties.
  • Transfer of assets based on divorce procedures.
  • Receivership by court appointment or appointment by execution authorities.
  • Commercial and private rentals, including rentals for clients from abroad.
  • Real estate investment in Israel by foreign clients.
  • Feasibility and assessment examination of transactions. 
  • Rental of assets within guardianship.
  • Representation and contract negotiations with senior care homes.

Within our representation in transactions we include trustworthy examination of the registered and contractual rights in assets, involving, when appropriate, professionals such as architects, engineers, assessors, etc., negotiations, drafting of agreements, reporting to tax authorities, appealing tax evaluations, mortgage registration and transfer of rights upon completion of transaction.

Our firm provides commercial services in a broad spectrum of matters:

  • Drafting and examining commercial contracts.
  • Implementing applicable laws and regulations relating to contracts.
  • Establishment of companies and articles of association.
  • Commercial negotiations and representation.
  • Ongoing representation of companies and shareholders.
  • Negotiations with authorities and financial institutions.
  • Representation in tenders

Our advantage is based on our long lasting reputation of meticulous fidelity and integrity, looking into matters from the client’s point of view, enabling reliance on our firm with each and every transaction and investment to safeguard our clients and their investments and assets.