About us


Since 1976

Siegel-Goldshmidt & Leventhal practices civil and commercial litigation, administrative law, family law, trusts and estates, real estate, international and domestic arbitration and mediation.

The cases in our firm are managed directly by the partners, each of whom has vast experience in their respective fields of expertise, led by the firm’s guidelines of integrity-acuity-determination.

The firm represents worldwide clientele and Israeli clients in legal procedures and transactions in Israel and within international arbitration.

The firm has a well-known reputation of personal treatment, uncompromising professionalism, dedication and determination for finding solutions for its clients while giving attention to efficiency in time and resources.

The firm’s partners place supreme importance on the client feeling of a one stop firm that handles all legal matters and actions with complete fidelity to achieve the client’s goals within the fields of practice of the firm.

The firm has initiated unique concepts of immediate solutions for resolving legal disputes:

“On the spot arbitration” – a quick and efficient procedure for resolving a dispute in which an arbitral award is rendered within 30 days.

“On the spot family mediation” – intensive mediation meetings held in order to achieve exhaustion of the mediation possibilities within 30 days.

The law offices maintain the family legacy of the firm from generation to generation, from Adv. Benjamin Siegel, police major general who established the national police unit of fraud investigation, through to its current partners.

The firm has set quality, professionalism and integrity as key values which are inseparable parts of the service to our clients, while providing and implementing creative legal solutions.

We are at your service at all times!