The legacy of Benjamin Siegel

Adv. Benjamin Siegel, Police Major (ret.) (1922-2001)

Adv. Benjamin Siegel, police major (ret.), founder of the Israeli police anti-fraud unit, known to the public as the “horror for white color crime”. chaired and led the anti-fraud unit for 12 years in which he has be notorious as Israel’s number 1 investigator, who brought many public figures to justice and conviction.

During his term in the police, many matters of criminal nature and activity of public figures were exposed, due to his aim to reach the truth and cleansing of the lines in the public service, he was also referred to as the “hunter”.

Among the know matters handled by Benjamin Siegel:

  • Asher Yedlin – senior figure in the Israeli labor party and nominee for the Israel bank commissioner – convicted of receiving bribery.
  • Yehoshua Ben zion – CEO of Israel-Britain bank convicted of stealing millions.
  • Michael Zur – Chief executive officer of the Israeli trade and industrial ministry, appointed to chair of ZIM and CEO of CIL – convicted of embezzlement and receiving bribery
  • David Peled – commissioner of the customs section – convicted of receiving bribery.
  • Shmuel Rechtman, member of the Knesset and mayor of Rechovot – convicted of receiving bribery.
  • Aharon Abu Chatzera – member of the Knesset and mayor – convicted of theft and breach of trust.

Since Adv. Benjamin Siegel retired from the police service, he led the white color crime and administrative law department.

Benjamin Siegel born in Poland, joined the Polish army and was a decorated senior officer, colonel including “Hero of Poland”, decorations also during WWII and the holocaust. Was a trustee of Yad-Vashem in Israel.

During his life the book “Siegel” was issued by Baruch Leshem (maariv library 1998), and after his demise also perpetuated by the Israel police and the green beret association as one of the founders of the Israeli boarder police unit and in the Musem of WWII Jewish fighters in Latrun, Israel.

Benjamin Siegel as a crusader for justice, left his seal on the state of Israel and our firm, in the form of supreme values he fought for: public, personal and professional fearless integrity and uncompromised professionalism. Out of this committing set of values our firm undertook to always conduct upon and in light of said values in and matter at our client’s service.