Adv. Osnat Goldshmidt-Leventhal

Adv. Goldshmidt-Leventhal specializes in the fields of family and estate law and real estate. She represents clients in matrimonial, divorce and family disputes, estate planning, resolution and litigation, as well as property distribution and corresponding real estate matters.

Adv. Goldshmidt-Leventhal leads litigation in all family and rabbinical court instances as well as appeals before the Israeli Supreme Court.

She represents her clients in custodial matters, alimony, division of property and dissolution of matrimonial partnership, injunctions (e.g., preventing change of minor’s residence), divorce, annulment of marriage, estate division, objecting to will execution, estate alimony, court appointed receivership of assets, etc. She prepares and manages estate matters, including wills, probate, will execution, estate division agreements and disputes.

Adv. Goldshmidt-Leventhal effectively and aggressively conducts negotiations in order to resolve disputes out of court and in appropriate cases conducts mediation to reach agreements (such as prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements, etc.).

Adv. Goldshmidt-Leventhal, has vast experience in representing and resolving family law disputes regarding kibbutzim, especially in the present era in which the form of the kibbutz is changing, and agreements of joint parenthood in all forms, in this rapidly evolving field.

She believes in providing professional service, focusing on the client’s interests and resolution of the dispute with the most minimal harm to the family cell.  Adv. Goldshmidt-Leventhal is qualified and certified as follows:

An engaged and popular lecturer in the fields of family and estate law.
Certified mediator of the Israeli courts.
Graduate of mediation course of the Israeli Center of Negotiation and Mediation.
Graduate of family law mediation course of the National Institute of Mediation of the Israeli Bar.
Volunteer at “Wizo” Israel – providing initial legal advice in family and estate law.
LLB and business BA graduate of the Interdisciplinary College of Hertzlia
Member of the Israeli Bar since 2001