Adv. Benjamin Leventhal

Adv. Benjamin Leventhal represents clients in legal disputes in all court instances in Israel and domestic and international arbitration tribunals. He believes in sharp, thorough and determined representation and ongoing collaboration with the client through transparency and involvement.

Adv. Leventhal leads and manages unique legal disputes, in creative ways with creative results, including cases reviewed by media, and litigates in English and Hebrew.

 The fields of expertise of Adv. Leventhal are commercial, civil and administrative litigation, and domestic and international arbitration, with vast experience in contractual disputes, tenders, franchises, corporations, partnerships, contractors, representation of foreign entities sued in Israel and suing on their behalf, representation in appeal procedures and defendants in class actions.

Adv. Leventhal has represented his clients before the Israeli Supreme Court in many cases, and is personally first chair litigator in all cases and tribunals and has actual experience in LCIA and ICC arbitration procedures.

In addition, Adv. Leventhal deals with ongoing legal matters of foreign clients and promotes and safeguards their interests in Israel. He is engaged or certified in the following:

Presides as ethics disciplinary judge in the national disciplinary court of the Israeli Bar.
Registered arbitrator in the Arbitration Institute of the Israeli Bar.
Member of the executive committee of Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats
LLM graduate, commercial law, Tel Aviv University.