“On the spot arbitration”

Years of managing legal disputes in courts and in arbitration led us to the conclusion that there is a real need for a responsible and efficient legal platform that can actually conclude  legal disputes on an imminent time table!

Thus, our firm has established the concept of on the spot arbitration, in which the parties and their lawyers may initiate and conclude their legal dispute in a fast track procedure within 30 days, which is also focused and efficient – after which they obtain a binding legal arbitral award.

In other words, a legal dispute does not have to be necessarily long, complex and costly, and our experience has taught us that efficiency and immediate resolution of a legal dispute do not and should not compromise the quality of the legal procedure.

Indeed, some matters are more complex and sometimes require investment of hundreds of hours of lawyers, specialists, experts and cost accordingly. However, most disputes are resolvable by a quick and focused award that can and should be granted in real time and not over months or years – this is exactly what on the spot arbitration aims to do.

For instance, partners that have encountered a dispute between them over a joint business, may doom the joint business and lose their clients and assets while initiating and maintaining aggressive and exhaustive legal procedures, whereas an immediate, binding legal conclusion is at hand, that may maintain the functional business and its  assets  in a manner that may have value to the disputing partners.

This is the essence and purpose of on the spot arbitration.

On the spot arbitration is an orderly arbitration procedure, conducted according to the international and Israeli laws of arbitration, in which Advocate Benjamin Leventhal presides as a sole arbitrator. Adv. Leventhal has vast experience in managing civil and commercial legal disputes, in many fields and in all instances.

The arbitration procedure is defined in advance, with a format of strict procedural rules, that the parties consensually embrace  in advance when entering the arbitration process – the process begins and ends within 30 days. The written submissions are required to be focused and within a relatively brief prescribed length. The evidentiary hearings are conducted on consecutive days; the parties provide oral closing arguments; all within a strict and immediate schedule, and the arbitral award is rendered no later than 14 days after closing arguments.

In order to initiate  on the spot arbitration you may contact our office manager directly or Adv. Benjamin Leventhal.