“On the spot – family mediation”

On the spot – family mediation””

Years of managing legal disputes in family law courts and rabbinical courts led us to the conclusion that there is a real need for an efficient platform that can actually resolve legal disputes among family members consensually on an imminent time table!

Hence, our firm has initiated the concept of on the spot mediation, in which the parties may initiate and conclude any possibility for resolution of their legal dispute through mediation in a fast track mediation process within 30 days, a defined strict period of time in which the parties can exhaust all mediation process as opposed to an ongoing non efficient mediation, and either way move on.

In other words, the model of an on the spot mediation, is meant to exhaust all and any legal dispute to be redundant, and avoid the need for long dramatic and costly procedures. Our experience has taught us that when the process is led by an authoritative professional, leading to a binding agreement or settlement the parties do not and should not compromise on the quality of the legal results.

There are matters of family law or among relatives, that at times are more complex and require investment of hundreds of hours of lawyers, specialists, experts and cost accordingly. However, most disputes are resolvable by achieving a quick and focused agreement or settlement that can and should be reached in real time and not over months or years – this is exactly what on the spot family law mediation aims to do.

For instance, a couple that have joint children, reach a crisis or a turning point. They usually seek to finish off their matters and separate as soon as possible in a manner the each knows immediately and exactly what his/her rights and obligations are, not on account of the children.

On the Spot mediation is called such exactly out of this perception.

It is an orderly mediation process run by Adv. Goldshmidt-Leventhal as mediator.

Adv. Goldshmidt-Leventhal, has vast experience in leading legal disputes in family law matters before all instanced and various fields, and her experience led her to seek possible resolution of family law disputes through immediate consensual mediation, and understanding the importance of that for the family, when it is possible or logical, as a preferable alternative than executing the root of the court and all the involved difficulties for the family or couple.

To initiate on the spot family law mediation please contact our office manager or Adv. Osnat Goldshmidt Leventhal.