Litigation & Arbitration

We believe litigation and arbitration are a profession!

Our firm places supreme importance on commitment to the litigation profession based on seven fundamental elements:

  • Personal attention to the cases by the senior lawyers of our firm.
  • Vast experience gained by ongoing representation in all tribunals and in arbitration.
  • Managing legal disputes in a strategic and proficient manner – including before the dispute has arisen.
  • Analytical assessment of the challenges in the dispute and early establishment of tactical courses of action.
  • Managing the dispute for the long term.
  • Managing the crisis and any surrounding circumstances.
  • Constant focus on results

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The litigation department in our firm is led by Advocate Benjamin Leventhal, who has vast and proven experience in many complex disputes.

Our firm represents clients in disputes in all courts and tribunals in Israel, including in  international and domestic arbitration, as well as in crisis management.

Our firm insists on energetic representation and managing the legal procedures alongside the client in a transparent manner, embracing the concept that the client’s active participation provides an added value within the case management.

Fields of representation:

  • Civil & commercial law:

shareholder disputes; contract law; tenders; real estate disputes; franchises; corporations; partnerships; contractors; deficient construction; injunctions; defamation, etc.

  • Administrative law
  • Appeal representation – including taking on cases for the appeal stage
  • Representation of foreign entities in lawsuits submitted on their behalf or against them in Israel
  • International and domestic arbitration
  • Representation of defendants in class actions
  • Estate disputes
  • Management of sui generis, creative legal cases

Our firm conducts litigation in English and Hebrew.