Family law; Trust & estates

We believe family law trusts and estates require special attendance and precise implementation of the applicable laws, be it in family law litigation or handling out of court matters.

Our firm places supreme importance on a commitment to handling and resolving disputes in family law and trusts and estates by establishing adequate strategies, with fidelity to the clients’ interests, in order to obtain the best long and short term results, by correctly planning litigation or resolving disputes through mediation or negotiation, all based on six fundamental elements:

  • Personal attention to the cases by the senior lawyers of our firm.
  • Vast experience gained by ongoing representation in all family law tribunals, rabbinical courts, district courts and the Supreme court.
  • Managing legal disputes in a strategic and proficient manner – including before the dispute has arisen.
  • Analytical assessment of the challenges in the dispute and early establishment of tactical courses of action.
  • Managing the dispute for the long term.
  • Managing the crisis and any surrounding circumstances, either through legal procedures or negotiation or mediation.
  • Constant focus on results.


The family law and trusts and estates litigation in our firm is led by Advocate Osnat Goldshmidt-Leventhal, who has vast and proven experience in many complex disputes in family law and trusts and estates.

The mediation in our firm is led by Advocate Reut Saf-Gabay, who has a unique perception of family law matters and has vast experience in resolving family law disputes in alternative dispute resolution, namely mediation.

Our firm insists on energetic representation and managing the legal procedures alongside the client in a transparent manner, embracing the concept that the client’s active participation provides an added value within the case management and combines our unique perception of family law – expeditious and efficient resolution of the dispute.

Fields of representation in Family Law and Trusts and Estates:

  • Divorce law suits
  • Lawsuits for division and dissolvent of property
  • Suits concerning unfair division of property based on gaps of income
  • lawsuits concerning rights in reputation
  • custodial lawsuits – including joint custody.
  • Minor’s Alimony and residential lawsuits
  • Spouse Alimony and residential lawsuits
  • Ktuba and compensation lawsuits.
  • Paternity lawsuits.
  • Injunctions such as for prevention of place of residence.
  • Lawsuits for change of residence and immigration/emigration.
  • Lawsuits for home stability
  • Family tort law suits.
  • Guardianship
  • Wills, estates, estates management – including objection to will execution and management of heirs’ disputes.
  • Matrimonial agreement, parental agreements, divorce agreements.